­­­ Gorham unique design came from the constraint that many Brentwood South of Montana face - the 40 foot narrow lot width. Most duplexes fell narrow and the space is never truly maximizes. Sharham Shokoufandesh, the lead architect from Group S, a Beverly Hills based Architect specializes in creating residences that emphasize in a seamless connection between the building and the surrounding environment. With Cape Cod design sprouting all over Brentwood, Group S took the challenge in creating two modern residences on Gorham.
The back house is carved back and elevated a couple feet higher than the front house to create a sense of privacy. Using contrasting materiality of cool light ash wood slants that come together with a robust and bold nature of the black steel, which is then complemented with a clean monochromatic palette throughout. By focusing on light and the quality of it’s comprising parts, the residences has been given a new life. Expressing with restraint the curated methodology of bring parts together, Innovest Group imbues the resulting form with an inherent robustness and timeliness.

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