Real Estate Development

National Construction is a real estate development firm, specializing in the development of residential, multi-family, and commercial spaces in the Southern California region. We spilt our business structure into two phases: development and construction. Our development service includes surveying existing and new markets, testing site concept feasibility, expediting the entitlement process, and coordinating/collaborating between all team members. Furthermore, as general contractors, we utilize our profound experience in construction to oversee the construction process from start to finish. National Construction strongly stands by the delivery of projects on time and within the budget.

Here is an explanation of how National Construction plans to fulfill these promised obligations:

Our portfolio focuses on value-added and ground up opportunities in which National Construction has a competitive advantage. Our design team excels in creating a clear and accurate visual for every step of the project – from conception to the final touches using new and modern software technology. This passion for design excellence and a system that creates efficient construction systems, reduces long-term costs are what separate us from most.

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